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Shared Ownership

It's never been easier to own your dream home.

Shared Ownership is a great way of buying a new home based on what you can afford. You purchase an initial share between 25% and 75% of the property’s value, we own the remainder and you pay a reduced rent on that share. It means that you can buy your own home now, so why wait?

Buying with Shared Ownership means you need a smaller mortgage and a smaller deposit. The deposit you need for your new home is based on the amount you are purchasing.

You can buy more shares in your home when you can afford to; this process is known as staircasing. You can eventually own 100% of the property, and won’t have to pay any rent. The cost of the additional shares will depend on the current market value of your home at the time you wish to staircase.

Shared Ownership is more accessible than you think - take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below to find out more. 

Shared Ownership FAQ's

You can apply to buy with Shared Ownership if:

  • Your household earns less than £80,000 a year
  • You are a first time buyer
  • You are an existing shared owner moving to another Shared Ownership home
  • You have previously owned your own home and need support with a new purchase
  • The mortgage, rent charges and service charges are affordable for you

Our sales team are available 9am to 5am Monday to Friday to answer any questions you may have. Alternatively take a look at our homes for sale using the search bar at the top of the page and discover your dream home today.

Our sales team can help you through the entire process. An independent financial advisor carries out a quick assessment with you over the phone, along with an affordability check to make sure you can secure the mortgage you need.

You can choose to buy more shares when you can afford to, until you own 100%. This process is called staircasing. The more shares you own, the less you pay in rent.